Technical Visits

The project, Xianyang Olympic Sports Center, is located in the stylistic functional area of great Xi'an (Xianyang) district. The construction area of main stadium is about 70000 m2, and the projection area of canopy is about 35000 m2. The design adopts plane pipe truss cantilever structure, which is 281.29 m from north to South, and 257.55m from east to west. The highest point's elevation of the canopy structure center line is 50 m, and the max. overhang length is 38 m. The cantilever truss root height is 6m, and the tip is 3m. The total steel volume of the main structure is about 6300 tons. 


Gathering time and location: 13:30, 13th, October (Friday); Gate of the Renmin Square Before returning the dinner will be taken at Xi'an Restaurant (No.38 Jinye Road, Xi'an) 


Return time: 19:00, 13th, October (Friday)


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