Nishino Prize Nomination

Nishino Medal and Prize 2017
During the period 1984–1985, Professor Fumio Nishino (1936-2007) and his colleagues at the Asian Institute of Technology established the organizational structure for the East Asia-Pacific conference series on Structural Engineering and Construction (EASEC), an initiative that led to the first EASEC conference in Bangkok in January 1986. In the subsequent two decades EASEC has
become a premier conference series having to date 10 conferences held in different cities in Asia. His contributions in founding and promoting EASEC had been enormous and the success of EASEC was heavily due to his enthusiastic and ceaseless efforts. In addition, he had worked actively and successfully in promoting the discipline of structural engineering and construction in the Asia region and beyond.

In recognition of his efforts, initiatives and achievements, the EASEC International Steering Committee proposes to establish two medals in the honor of Prof. Nishino, so that henceforth he will be remembered formally by the EASEC community every time the Conference is held. The awards and commendations will be made in two categories as follows:


  • The Nishino Medal:

to be awarded at each future EASEC conference to a distinguished senior engineer who has been judged to have made internationally recognized contributions in the area of structural engineering and construction through research, development and/or professional practice in the Asia-Pacific region. The awardees so far are Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Thailand
(2008), Prof. Sung-Pil Chang, Korea (2011), Prof. Yozo Fujino, Japan (2013), and Prof. Yeong-Bin Yang, Chinese Taipei (2016).

  • The Nishino Prize:

to be awarded concurrently at each future EASEC conference to a young engineer (age below 45 years) from the Asia-Pacific region. Who has made significant contributions and shown potential for great future achievements in the area of structural engineering and
construction through research, development and/or practice. The winners are Prof. Xuhui An, China and Mr. Chi-Heng Chiang, Chinese Taipei (2008), Dr. Siu-Kui Au, Hong Kong SAR and Dr. Kohei Nagai, Japan (2011), Prof. Yong-Xia, Hong Kong SAR, and Mr. Kenichi Kata, Japan (2013), Dr. Ching Tai NG, Australia (2016). 


The award and prizes will be presented in the opening ceremony of EASEC-15.

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